Onychomycosis Treatment – White Superficial Symptoms

White Superficial Onychomycosis Treatment

In your nails, this provides the perfect place for the fungi to grow, especially if your feet are constantly moist and warm. Fungi naturally grow in the wilderness in for still areas where the warm temperatures, and the constant supply of moisture onychomycosis treatmentand debris from trees and overgrowth allows things like mushrooms and other fungi to rapidly proliferate. Let’s take a look at how white superficial Onychomycosis can occur, how to stop it, and what your best treatments are to this particular toenail fungus problem.


What Exactly Is Fungi?

Fungi are not actually classifiable in regard to either plant or animal. Fungus simply is neither, and therefore it is classified within its own kingdom. Kingdom fungi, and Kingdom Protista, a representative of fungus, something that has no chlorophyll, cannot make his own food, and nor does it react to photosynthesis. There are many things that grow that are part of this kingdom of fungi including mushrooms, truffles, molds, yeast, and what are called puffballs.

They can be microscopic in size, or grow to be enormous multicellular organisms, something that you have probably seen if you have ever discovered black mold in your home. Fungi actually does have a purpose in the forest which is to break down existing deciduous matter, a kind of digestion of dead material so that it can be recycled back into the ground.

This is probably why fungi that gets into your toes begins to break down the surrounding material of which your toenails are the primary target. Now that you know what fungi is, let’s look at how you can develop toenail infections as a result of the fungus that is already there.

How Does A Toenail Fungus Begin?

Toenail fungus is something that begins when people wear their shoes for extended periods of time. The moisture that is in their socks adjacent to their feet when it is present for several hours at a time, the heat that is present cost by activities that they are doing allows the fungi to develop. All feet have some level of fungus and bacteria present, but the proper conditions are never there for it to begin to cause problems. Once it begins, you will need to find some type of fungal nail infection treatment that will be able to stop it in its tracks. That’s why there are so many treatment options for white superficial Onychomycosis that you can use today.

What Exactly Is Onychomycosis?

Onychomycosis is simply a fingernail or toenail infection caused by fungi in or below the surface of the nails. It can cause the nails to split, become disfigured, change color, and to also thickened, causing an unsightly appearance. Essentially, there is only a cosmetic concern because you really can’t wear your flip-flops out in public if your toes are looking like this.

However, over time, it can become a more medically related problem because of the pain and irritation that causes by the constant pressure of the expanding nails against your skin. In most cases, this happens with adults that tend to be wearing their shoes for extended periods of time at work, or perhaps if they do a lot of outdoor hiking.

The older you get, the higher the probability is that you will actually develop this condition. Usually, your immune system is able to fight this off, but with age, your immune system does not function as well, and you are more apt to develop this type of nail infection.

Signs Of Nail Infections

There are certain symptoms that you need to look out for if you believe that a nail infection is starting, or that you have one that is underway. If you start to notice small amounts of a yellow discoloration on your nails, this is a clear sign that something is not right.

If it continues to develop, becoming more discolored, extending down to the base of your toenails, you definitely have a fungal infection that may become extremely bad, causing your toenails to become brittle and break off, not to mention look very unsightly.

Onychomycosis Treatment With Funginix And Terrasil

Buy Funginix With CouponWhite superficial Onychomycosis can be treated with a multitude of different treatment options. The most common nail fungus cure option is to go to your doctor, get a prescription for Lamisil, and take those pills were a couple months.

The reason that it works is because as the pills are digested, they are processed through the small intestines, distributed into the bloodstream, where at some point in time they will be delivered to the area of your toenails where it can fight the infection. The other way to do this is to use some type of topical ointment such as Aidance Max, Melaleuca oil, or even Lamisil that can be used as a topical agent. By using either of these topical solutions, depending upon the severity of the case, you should be able to treat the condition after several months.

The top choice is still the Funginix.

It is a complex and complete topical treatment for fungus infection.  There is just no other topical treatment that come close to this FDA approved product.

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Terrasil is our next favourite.

Terrasil is another good alternative for treating nail fungus infection.  You can choose between the Regular and Max strength.  It costs you $24.  But it is worth every cents.

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How To Avoid White Superficial Onychomycosis

The easiest way to avoid the development of any type of infection caused by fungi is to make sure that you are always changing your socks, and to avoid jock itch, always change your jock strap or underwear, so that moisture and heat are not allowed to be present at the same time long enough for the fungi to start to develop.

As long as you are conscious of your personal hygiene, and by being mindful of how long you have been wearing your shoes, you can avoid the development of toenail fungus, something that is very hard to treat without using pharmaceutical drugs or natural antifungal agents. hopefully these tips will allow you to prevent the development of toenail fungus, and treat onychomycosis if you already have this on your toes.