NYCIMC Publishes New Fungal Nail Treatment Buying Guide With Number One Rated Product

NYCIMC has featured their top rated fungal nail treatment product in a new buying guide on their website which describes what people should be looking for in an effective treatment.

Fungal nail infections are unsightly and often uncomfortable, and can last for years if they are not treated effectively. Even with treatment, many infections take months to be resolved, meaning people are always on the lookout for the most effective relief. NYCIMC ( is a website dedicated to reviewing fungal nail products, but has gone one step further in creating a new buying guide which covers the entire topic area in a single post, recommending their best rated product to consumers in the process.

The new buying guide features a comprehensive overview of fungal nail infections, their causes and symptoms, and their potential treatments, before delving in to what makes an effective treatment for a condition that can take months to resolve. The buying guide then includes their top-rated product, from hundreds of reviews, as an example of a fast acting and effective treatment.

The buying guide ( then describes where individuals can source the best-rated product for the best price available online, from a secure and recommended provider. The result is a comprehensive overview of the problem and its best solution, all in one easy to read and readily accessible free guide.

A spokesperson for NYCIMC explained, “NYCIMC is committed to offering people the best information on fungal nail infection remedies, but we soon realised that many people aren’t even sure if what they have is a fungal nail infection. For that reason, we created a comprehensive buying guide that would start at the beginning, first identifying the need and then the solution, followed by suggestions to prevent reoccurrence. It is effectively our entire site in microcosm, so those without the time to spend hours poring over the individual details can find everything they need to know up front. We look forward to seeing this guide spread far and wide across the web, for all who are looking for more information on fungal nail treatments.”

About NYCIMC: NYCIMC is an online resource center committed to helping people overcome fungal nail infections. The website is regularly updated by a committed team of writers and researchers who publish independent, insightful reviews of nail products and treatments designed to effectively eradicate fungal infections. The site also features advice on how to prevent infections reoccurring. For more information please visit: