Kerasal Nail Reviews:Does The Nail Fungus Treatment Cream Really Work?

Kerasal Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews $19.50
kerasal nail fungus treatment reviews

Product Name: Kerasal Nail Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment

Product Description: Kerasal Nail is a product for fixing your nail problems and getting your toes to looking as they did previously. In case you have ever tried eliminating your nail fungus, you know how hard it can be finding a nail fungus treatment product that works. Many products available are just lousy and are a waste of time. The question now is does this nail infection cure actually work?

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Kerasal Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews Summary

Nail Renewal TreatmentThis Kerasal Nail review is written by consumers whom had used it to treat nail fungus infection.

Kerasal Nail Fungal Nail Renewal Treatment 10 ml – $19.50
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Where Can I Buy

So where can I get Kerasal Nail Cream?  Kerasal is a common cream and the best place to get the treatment cream is at Kerasal Official Website.



Can I Buy Kerasal From Amazon

Some of you may prefer to buy things from Amazon.  The answer is Yes, you can buy Kerasal from Amazon.  Here is the Link.  I will still like to suggest that it is probably better to buy the nail treatment cream direct from Kerasal Website.  At least you can be sure that it is genuine and back with guarantee and refund.


Across the country, nail fungus is a growing problem for many grownups and another issue is that if you don not treat it, it can linger on for months or even years. It also has a reputation of being hard to eliminate once you get it. While it might not actually treat the fungus, it deals with the root cause of the problem. In this way, it makes your toenails look healthy rather than unhealthy.

The product’s nail penetrating formula was clinically proven to work for 92% of the users.  The treatment does not have any odor and it contains no preservative.  It does not stain the sheet or carpet and it dries up in 5 minutes.

It is made in Germany,

The Claim By The Manufacturer

If you read various reviews on this product, you will find that there are many claims surrounding it.

The biggest claim however, is that in just a matter of weeks you will start seeing an improvement in your nails appearance. This claim is allegedly from over two thirds of the product’s users. It also goes to state that over time, the thickness of your nails will get back to normal size, and that you will start observing improvement in the color of your nails.

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The reason that they are so confident that the product works is because that the formula is formulated in a way so that it goes right though the nail to the root of the problem. Instead of simply sitting on the outer part of the nail as most products do, it goes within the nail to tackle the problem from the inside out. In doing this, you are not just treating the current appearance but rather focusing also on what is to come in the future weeks.

The claims also state that you never have to worry about your safety with this product. It does not contain any preservatives and has no odor, which means that you will not have to worry about worsening your nails’ smell.

Note – California Proposition 65 WARNING: Some products on this website contains progesterone, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. Consult with your physician before using this product.

Compared to the other remedies mentioned above, Kerasal is also more convenient and easier to use since only a single daily application – at night before going to bed – is needed. The other products usually require two daily applications. Furthermore, Kerasal comes in a tube with a handy dandy applicator tip at its end which makes adequately coating your nail(s) with the liquid preparation a very simple task indeed.

Wood B. Hermit

This product appears to work by dissolving the infected part of the toenail, allowing it to be replaced by new, healthy nail.

Dr. William B

My husband is now on the second tube of Kerasal and the change is nothing short of amazing. THIS STUFF WORKS! I wish I had taken before and after pictures because the difference is so dramatic. Although his nails are definitely not normal yet they are so much better. It will take months before the new nails grow in but it looks like they will grow in healthy.


The Hype

Behind the product, there is an infomercial that shows you pictures of toes filled with fungus which is the ‘before’ and the ‘After’ pictures showing nails all cleared up and back to normal or even better. The infomercial obviously embellishes the problem and solution. Even though the product does work, it does not work that fast and the infomercial might mislead buyers into believing that they will achieve instant results, which is not the case.

How Much Kerasal Cost?

A 0.33-Ounce, or 10ml bottle of the product will set you back around $19 and this should have quite a significant change in the appearance of your nails. To get the job done you may need more than a single supply of the product depending on how far the problem has reached. Remember that this is in addition to the cost of the prescription medication to actually treat the fungus and to what extent your health insurance plan will and will not cover this treatment. To get rid of the problem both internally and visually, you should consider treating it using several products.

A 10ml supply will last 3 months for 3 nails, assuming you follow the treatment instructions.


To get the best results, you should use the product over the long term. You should not expect instant results but rather gradual progress even if it acts on improving the appearance of your nails rather than the fungus.


Kerasal nail reviews show that most of the users report that it actually works better than all other products they have tried previously. This is an important factor because you know that it is outdoing its competitors and not just living up to its own claims.

Final Product Review

This gets a Thumbs Up rating reason being that using the product you have a true chance of eliminating the problem. This product get the score of 3.5 stars because there are indeed some negative consumer reviews.  We have also tried this.  Although it does work, it is not as quick as the other such as Funginix, Zetaclear, or Terrasil,  In addition, this product contains the chemical that may cause cancer.  Therefore, it gets a 3.5 ratings from me.

In case the problem ever arises again, you know that you have a solution to fall back on. It is important to remember that the product is an aesthetic product only and does not treat the underlying problem. Treatment is something you need to consult your doctor to recommend prescription medication to enable you get rid of the nail fungus problem.


Kerasal Nail foot cream is an affordable foot fungus treating product that you definitely want to check out. It is probably the last product that you ever try out to fix your problem of ugly toenails. However, for the best and most permanent solution, you should combine it with prescription medication. The worst-case scenario is that you have spent a few dollars to take a chance at choosing the correct product to improve the appearance of your toes and allow you to wear sandals, flip flops, and other types of open-toe footwear.

Our top choice are Terrasil, or Funginix.

Click here to go direct to their official store with discount -> Terrasil Official Store  |  Funginix Official Store

Where To Buy Kerasal Nail

The best place to get Kerasal is through their official store.  You can also get it from Walmart or Amazon.  However, we prefer to buy it from their official site for it’s convenience and trusted online platform.  The purchase comes with a full refund guarantee, and free shipping – apply wherever you buy it from – US, Canada, UK, or Asia.

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  • Cheaper Than Other Similar Treatment Cream


  • Works Slightly Slower Compared To Other Brands
  • Contains Progesterone, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer