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Product Description: ZetaClear is a clear anti-fungal solution for treating nail fungus. It helps to clear the yellow keratin debris, and the solution can be applied easily with a topical brush. It is safe, natural and effective. ZetaClear is FDA-approved for preventing the reproduction and growth of the fungus. ZetaClear is also highly recommended by doctor.

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ZetaClear Reviews Summary

Nail Fungus Problem? Buy ZetaClear

buy zetaclearNail fungus is a rather common condition that occurs as result of a fungal infection in and around the nail area. It begins as yellow tint or white spot underneath the tip of a nail (toenail or finger nail). As a result of deepening of the infection, the nail may begin to discolor into a yellow shade, thicken and eventually if goes untreated, crumble around the edges.

The appearance of the nail suffers the most from this condition. The discoloration and thickness of the nail makes for a rather unattractive look.

Where to buy ZetaClear?

It is not available in retail store.  The remedy can be bought directly from the ZetaClear manufacturer’s online store. Though it comes with a price tag of about $50 per month, it is effective. For six months of usage, the total budget is around $300.

Price And Discount

Buying ZetaClear’s 1 bottle at a time can be quite expensive. It is highly recommended that you buy a bundle of them at one time to enjoy the best price.

How Much Does ZetaClear Cost

If you buy 3 bottles of the solution, you will get another 3 bottles free.  This total of 6 bottles will last you for 6 months – enough for treating nail fungus.  The total price will come to about US$149.95.


Can I buy ZetaClear if I am from Canada, UK, Asia?

The answer is “Yes”. Whether you are from Canada, UK, or Asia, you can buy Zeta clear from the official site.  The 90 days guarantee apply and the shipping is also free.

I stay in London, UK.  The manufacturer has the product delivered to my UK address promptly.

If you are from USA, the shipping will be through USPS first class mail.  If you are from outside of US, the delivery will be through FedEx with tracking information.  You can also rest assured that no one will know as the package is done discreetly with no indication of what are the inside the packing.

Only Buy From Official SiteBuy Zetaclear

There is a number of over the counter medications to treat nail fungus. When buying, it is best to be extremely cautious because some products are useless. ZetaClear is a nail fungus medication with natural ingredients that helps to reduce and eliminate the embarrassing visible signs of an infection.

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Why Buy ZetaClear?

ZetaClear is a medically approved natural solution that treats fungal infections on nails, helps to reduce and eliminate the visible signs of infection and discoloration, to promote the appearance of healthy nails.

According to the product’s site review, the product effectively treats fungal infections, softens skin, and protects from future infection with frequent use. On average the remedy should be applied about three times per day for about three to six months. It takes three to six months for the infection to clear, but the longevity only means the problem is thoroughly dealt with and prevents any future infections.

For most people, this is too long for the problem to disappear, and considering that it is rather uncomfortable to deal with, the sooner the better.

ZetaClear Reviews

Though this medication takes a while to show signs of improvement, many have reported that it works. The ingredients are powerful enough to penetrate the nail and enter below the surface to treat the infection from inside out.  Read about our ZetaClear reviews.

Real consumer reviews on the product

zetaclear reviews

What Is Zetaclear And How It Helps Fungus Infection

This, together with Funginix are some of more popular and effective fungus treatment.  The approach taken by ZetaClear is a 2 step treatment process – Topical solution treatment and follow by oral homeopathic.

Because of the dual action ingredients that come in a two in one package, the medication penetrates below the surface. Not only does it cure the nail fungus, but it also eliminates any marks.

There many real consumers feedback on this product that it works.

The anti-fungal formula targets the root of the infection, allowing more effective treatment. It also helps to fight body inflammation caused by the fungus.

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How To Use ZetaClear Nail Fungus

Daily application three times a day by the applicator brush and application of gel on the tips after a shower or bath are the recommended dosages for healthy results.

In addition to application, it is recommended that you scrape excessive keratin debris from under the nail. Keeping the nail clean at all time is important.

Potential ZetaClear Side Effects:

The natural ingredients of the products are generally safe and free of any side effects. However, when over-used or misused, there is a high possibility of side effects. This product should not be applied to open wounds or sever cases of nail fungal infections.

By severe cases, it is meant those infections with puss and odor discharge.  Applying ZetaClear to extremely inflamed nail fungus will only further exasperate the condition, so it is important to consult your doctor in that case. For pregnant women and nursing mothers, it should not be used if not prescribed by a physician.

Does It Work On Everyone?

Remember – This product is a homeopathy medicine and it works by boosting the body’s immune system and at the same time also as an anti-inflammatory medicine.  Everyone will react differently and the result vary.  However, this medicine is working very well for most part of the people.

If ZetaClear does not work for you, we recommend that you consider Funginix.  Funginix is the top nail fungus treatment product in the market.

Bottom Line

If you plan to buy ZetaClear for treating toe nail fungus, it is perhaps the best option there is. Not only is it a good option because it is naturally made, but also because it is effective. Keep in mind to supplement the medication with healthy a lifestyle in order to make the healing process tad faster than six to eight months.


In addition to using this topical solution, it is also important to keep in mind healthy habits in caring for your infected nail or nails. Implementing healthy habits such as trimming the nails and filing the thick parts will perhaps expedite the healing process of the infection.

Also, keep in mind to wear socks that allow sufficient ventilation to the feet, avoiding wet environments, and keeping your feet dry will be of use in getting rid of the infection even faster. Furthermore, this will be useful in preventing any future infections.

Using Simple Alternative

Also, apply Vicks VapoRub to the infection to mediate any extreme symptoms. If the nail does not show any signs of reduced symptoms or maybe worsened symptoms, it is best to consult your doctor about other alternatives to dealing with the infection.

These alternatives include surgical removal of the nail and laser treatments.

Some risk factors associated with nail fungus include living in warm and moist environments which are conducive to fungal growth, living with someone with a fungal infection, and inadequate ventilation to the feet as a result of wearing socks that hinder ventilation.

In Summary

Because nail fungus is a returning infection, it is better to take preventative measures rather than treatment. Avoiding such environments that increase the risk of contracting a fungal infection is the better route to dealing with nail fungus.

In extreme cases, discomfort and pain can be experienced. The condition is extremely common in people over sixty years of age as well as those with diabetes and circulation problems. Furthermore, the risk of contracting the infection is higher in males than it is in females.

The intensity of symptoms of the infection is usually not painful. However, in some cases, nail fungal infections can cause pain and discomfort. In those rare cases, it is recommended to implement self-care steps and take the necessary toenail fungus medication after consulting your doctor.

Symptoms of the infection may disappear after treatment, but it usually comes back if you do not remove the infection completely.

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  • 100% natural remedy.  Ingredients are all natural and based on plant oils and the extracts.
  • Full money back guarantee.  Zero risks on you.
  • Safe option with no known side effects.
  • Comes with 3 free bottles on certain package.
  • FDA approved treatment for foot fungus


  • Not the cheapest over the counter or drugs you can buy from retail store.
  • Treatment process  (4-8 months) can run into hundreds of dollars.